Colle Acre Hotel is set within Via Giuseppe Campailla, in Palazzolo Acreide (near to Siracusa, about 40 KM).

Travelling to Colle Acre Hotel:

By Bus: Siracusa Coach Station you can catch a bus which will take you directly to Palazzolo. Coach journey takes approximately 35 minutes.

By Train: Palazzolo A. is not connected to the railway network. At Siracusa Railway Station (nearer railway station to Palazzolo) you can catch a bus or carĀ 

By Air: The most direct way to get to Palazzolo A. is to fly to Catania International Airport. From Catania Airport you can travel by bus (the station is directly at the airport). The journey from the airport should take about 2 hour to Palazzolo A.

Transfer service : to and from the airport of Catania